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Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Share The Love

A session for 2 people attending together for a discounted Colour Analysis and a half-price Colour Refresh!

We could all do with a bit of a boost from time-to-time. If you’re feeling uninspired, find yourself wearing the same shades all the time or still make mistakes and end up buying colours that are just not quite right, here is the perfect tonic!

If you’ve had a Colour Analysis, you’ll remember the joy of discovering your colours for the first time and how wonderful it felt to see yourself in shades that make you shine. With this Special Offer, not only can you recapture that feeling again, you can also share the love!

This offer is for 2 people - one of whom has already had a Colour Analysis and would like a refresh and one who has yet to discover their colours.

Maybe you’re someone who would really like to know their colours, and needs a little encouragement to take the plunge and book a session. Now you can enjoy a fabulously revitalising session with the support of a friend who has already had their “colours done”.

You can share the excitement together and see the magic unfold as your best colours are revealed during a joint Colour Analysis and Colour Refresh.

Share the “Ooh Aah!” moment when you both see yourselves in all the colours of your palettes and learn (or rediscover) which are your Wow!, best neutrals and accent colours.


By booking a combined session, the Colour Refresh will be half-price and the Colour Analysis will be at the reduced 2-person rate.

You‘ll both get to try makeup in your colours, with 3 mini-lipstick samples each to take home along with your personalised ratings and Style Magic Swatch Fans in your palettes.

Usual combined price is £270.00

Offer price is £197.50

Joint saving £72.50!

What My Clients Say

Image by Sharon Pittaway
Colour Analysis Sittingbourne
Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

“I had a fabulous day at Amanda’s studio this week. Myself and a friend, Claire, took advantage of Amanda’s ‘Share the Love’ offer. I had colour analysis and Claire had a colour refresh. 


I had wanted to have my colours done for some time and when I saw the offer it was perfect. It’s always fun to share an experience with a friend.


I was nervously excited on the day. I haven’t felt inspired by my wardrobe since leaving the corporate world, when I had a reason to dress up every day. I had no motivation to shop for clothes because I wasn’t sure where to begin.  So this was very exciting.


Amanda showed us her light and airy studio space which is beautiful.  I felt at ease and curious about what would be revealed through Amanda’s expertise. 


The process is in-depth and Amanda explains it so well. She is very thorough and only makes her final decision on the right seasonal palette when she is fully confident. 


We then went onto make up. Amanda applied a day look and we tried 3 different lipstick shades. These were quite different to the colours I’ve been wearing for years and I’m now converted. 

Amanda has a range of accessories in her studio, and I decided to purchase some scarves, as this would allow me to start wearing my colours straight away, with my existing wardrobe (I went straight home and had a big clear out which was liberating!).


I’m now ready to start investing in new clothes that make me feel amazing. I can’t wait to be inspired when I open my cupboard door and confident as I wear clothes that make me shine. 


Thank you, Amanda, for some lovely, much needed Me Time and for equipping me with the knowledge to make good choices.”


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