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Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Six Steps to Style Success

‘Do you ever feel anxious about what to wear and unsure about what suits you? 


We will work together as I guide you, step by step, through setting and achieving your style goals.


With this incredibly comprehensive and personalised programme you will learn how to look your absolute best and shine with confidence.’

There are so many elements to consider when creating your personal style. It's about so much more than the clothes themselves, which is why I've put together this 6-step programme.

Sessions are designed to be taken over Zoom once a month and you'll get 8 x 1:1 sessions with me, including 2 reviews.  The programme works really well online, although you're welcome to come to the Studio for some of the sessions if you wish. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and, in some instances, submit photos before each session. 

During each session there’ll be an opportunity to review the previous session and ask questions, and you can email me in between sessions with any further queries. Each step can be tailored to suit your individual requirements to ensure that you receive all the guidance and support you need to achieve your style success


Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Step 1. Setting Your Style Goals

During this initial session we will:

  • Establish where you are now with your existing wardrobe and personal style.

  • Establish the clothing requirements for your lifestyle.

  • Discuss your style influences and aspirations.

  • Create your style goals.

This session can be taken online, with your wardrobe to hand or in the Studio with specific examples from your wardrobe.

Step 2. The Art Of Smoke And Mirrors

During this session we will focus on appreciating and accentuating your positive attributes. We will cover:

  • Your body shape and proportions.

  • Which basic clothing styles are most flattering for your figure.

  • How to wear colour to balance your proportions.

  • Tips on how to build an outfit to complement your body shape and proportions.

This session can be taken online or in the Studio

Colour Analysis Sittingbourne
Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Step 3. All About The Details

This session looks at what makes the difference between 'just okay' and 'fabulous' for you. During the session we will:

  • Discover your most flattering necklines.

  • Learn the effect of weights and textures of fabrics on your body lines.

  • Understand the effect of print and pattern and how to wear them effectively.

  • Discuss other details such as jewellery, scarves, belts, glasses and hats.

This session can be taken online or in the Studio using an on-screen presentation and clothes and accessories that you bring along on the day.

Step 4. Creating Your Unique Personal Style

Whilst style archetypes, (aka tribes, style essences or Clothing Personality types) can be a useful starting point, it's important to recognise and celebrate our unique qualities. Rather than giving you a label or pigeon-holing you, I encourage you to explore your individuality and feel free to express it through the way you present yourself.  During this session we will:

  • Look at archetypes and style essences and discuss how they may relate to your style.

  • Explore your style influences and aspirations.

  • Pull together all the evidence gathered so far to refine your unique look.

I will then create a style mood board for you to capture the essence of your personal style, which we can discuss and then refine if needed.

This session works best online.

Colour Analysis Sittingbourne
Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Step 5. Refining Your Wardrobe

During this session we will identify the key pieces you need to establish a Capsule Wardrobe. This is a starting point, rather than a limitation. (There is no restriction on the number of items you can have in your wardrobe!) This session covers:

  • The definition and benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe.

  • Establishing your key pieces as much as possible from your existing wardrobe and identifying the rest.

Following this session you will receive:

  • A suggested Capsule Wardrobe "Shopboard" created for you personally. This can include key pieces from your existing wardrobe (if you are able to send good quality photographs), or items that are similar to represent items you already own.

  • A selection of mix and match outfits created from your Capsule Wardrobe, for inspiration.

We can then schedule a further online session to discuss and review the Capsule Wardrobe. This step is 2 online sessions.

Step 6. Take Action And Achieve Success!

This session is all about making your style goals a reality and how to maintain them. You will learn about the secrets of successful shopping and the finishing touches that create impact. We will cover:

  • Understanding your current shopping habits.

  • Top tips on successful shopping.

  • Suggestions on where to shop for your style.

  • Makeup and accessorising ideas.

This session can be taken online or in the Studio.

Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Master your Personal Style with this comprehensive 6-step programme!

This amazing programme is incredible value at the launch price of just £570 for all 6 Steps and you have the option to pay £95 a month for six months, by direct debit, at no extra cost.


If you would like to have a chat with me to find out whether this programme is right for you, book a free Zoom call to find out more.



What My Clients Say

Image by Sharon Pittaway

“When we first started to work together, I was changing careers and wanted to ditch the sharp suits for something that was still smart, but softer and more authentic. I had lots of clothes, but they didn't all suit me or my body shape. I didn't have a real sense of my own style!...

…Our conversations about style have revealed aspects of my personality that I'd forgotten about or hidden from myself. I don't just dress better, I feel better. More authentic, more relaxed. Thank you!”

— Daphne

Got any questions? Email me at

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