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Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Colour Refresh

Colour refresh with new Colour Swatch fan for 1-3 people
Colour refresh without Swatches for 1-3 people

Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

Would you like to…

  • See yourself looking amazing in the drapes again?

  • Rediscover colours you may have been overlooking?

  • Enhance your knowledge of colour?

  • Be up to date with the colours that work best for you now?

  • Feel refreshed and inspired?

  • Feel more confident?

Once you have had a Colour Analysis it can be a real boost to occasionally revisit the colours from your palette as a refresh, and if it’s been a while, to see what may have changed.

As we age, our hair colour changes and our skin becomes less opaque meaning that, although your palette of colours won't have changed, the way in which the colours work for you may well have done. 

A Colour Refresh gives you the opportunity to see all the colours again and how they work for you now. You’ll rediscover colours that you may have overlooked and find new “Wow” colours to keep you looking and feeling your fabulous best.

You can try some new makeup colours and take away 3 mini lipstick samples in your best shades.

You can choose whether to include a new Style Magic fabric swatch fan, at a discounted price, to record your latest colour ratings.

Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

What My Clients Say

Image by Sharon Pittaway
Colour Analysis Sittingbourne

"My colour refresh session with Amanda was just what I needed. It was so useful to be reminded of my best colours and to experience the powerful effects of different colour combinations again. Amanda gave me new confidence to work with my greying hair and be brave with some of the colours I had forgotten really work for me. "

Celia, Kent 

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